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Happy Birthday mirrored owl!

Yes, here too!



So are you doing it this year? Anybody still reading LJ?


Impressed by a girl who went to school with my son. She's written five rather lengthy teen vampire books. The series started in 2009 with her first, written when she was just 14. I haven't read them yet, but I am curious.

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Having this iPhone has changed how I do things. There's something about it that is so user friendly that has been the interface I've wanted for a long time. Even the auto correct is mostly right on. I love that.

I have LJ on it as we'll as Facebook, twitter and goodreads. It is really easy to use, even with a bandaid on my thumb. It has been amazingly distracting from the work I must do, but I m settling using it more regularly so that now it is a tool as much as it is "way cool"!

I never was one to dis Apple products just because I owned a a windows based PC, (unlike some I know who dis windows frequently-they are all just tools, folks). I find I have needs for both and yet this tiny little thing(but for the fact that typing on a keyboard is faster for me) is really handy.

Well done, Apple.

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Still Writing

Despite suffering some severe back pain (apparently from a fall I took in the basement) and before that going through neck pain possibly brought on by too much time in front of the computer, I am still writing. I don't get very much time to look back over entries in LJ or to make them. Mostly, I'm on facebook with updates. But I do like to come back once in a while. 

So I'm just dropping in, noticing that some folks are gone who used to be my friends, wondering where they went, that kinda thing. 

Take care all! 

Facebook, Farmville, Frontierville

I gave up playing games on facebook because it ate into my writing time. I gave up role-playing because I wanted to write in as full time a capacity as possible. I am currently working on two novels - editing them - for self-publication. I have my short story up (as I posted in the last entry) and lately, I have been reading old blog entries of mine. There are so many things I had forgotten. 

It is good to be reading and writing again! 

Sanguis Dei

For all those who still have me as a friend, here is a free e-book for you to read. It is my first published short story, I hope you enjoy it! http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/80551


So here's a funny thing.  It's a new year and I'd made some mental, to myself (to God as well) resolutions about writing, dieting, etc.  Typically, I spend a (considerable? Yeah, I'll be honest) amount of time in my day playing Facebook games.  I don't post facebook stati (is that a word? Octopus, octopi, status, stati?  I like it either way.  LOL) as often as I think I used to.   I'm not even sure how much I used to.  But what am I doing instead of playing games? 

::gasp:: Writing a post for Riane.  And sending email to Liz about old characters in need of poking with potential sticks. 

So... okay... God says no games (even if it's a glitch that will be fixed soon, it's working right now) and I say write!

Only Tony says, "Gym." 

So we go.

February 21, 2011 - Update.  I've removed Farmville from my Facebook wall postings. It is one game out of the way.  I still play Frontierville, but honestly, that's going to change in the next few months.  April will bring many changes to what I focus on in a day and what I do.